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    Dear customers and visitors, thank you for viewing my web site. I believe if you are reading this you want a little bit more information about our hand crafted leather products and hope this will help with your decision making. I did my best to provide you with as much information as possible about what you are buying and why, and from whom. 

    About us and what we do

    All Kazakhsha Leather Art Studio goods are handcrafted by myself, Aiman Sagat (aka Vasya Kazakhsha-Style) in my home based little studio in Hampshire, England. I am a one man enterprise hand-crafting bespoke and made-to-order leather accessories. I use only the finest materials and traditional tools and techniques to produce bespoke and made to order bags, small goods and belts.

    I am responsible for every aspect of my brand, from designing products and sourcing the finest leathers to meticulously hand tooling and hand-stitching every seam. It is considerable undertaking for one person, but hand stitching is justified and it became a hallmark of quality for our Leather Art Studio. The hand stitching creates durable products and it is superior to the machine-stitched equivalents. The saddle stitched leather is much stronger, firstly because sewing machines don't stitch with waxed thread and the stitch form is weaker at the top and the bottom stitches rely on each other, so if one stitch breaks the rest of the run falls apart quickly, you probably observed this on some of your machine stitched products. The saddle stitch primarily was used in making saddles, which requires superior strength and won't do that. 
    The determination to execute the highest quality finish runs as a theme throughout all aspects of my craftsmanship, from hours I spend designing each element to be as functional as possible to making everything by hand, which sometimes requires acquiring of antique and modern leather-worker's and cobbler's tools. 

    All my products are entirely made from one material, everything is sourced from European and England tanneries that use environmentally-friendly processes and locally-sourced hides. I don't use chromium tanned leather, which partly an ethical decision as the process generates harmful waste, but also because the hide loses its natural texture and doesn't tend to age well. The product made of vegetable tanned leather, if you look after it, should last you a lifetime. 

    This commitment to crafting an enduring product was partly born out of a sense of craftsman's pride, but also a big dispute surrounding the consumption of leather goods. We all should do what we can in order to save the Planet Earth and my solution is to keep the manufacturing process as local as possible and create products that last a life time – we only have one planet. This involves taking the time to revive the high-quality touches that other mass-manufacturers have abandoned in favour of speed, such as burnishing and sealing off edges with dye and beeswax. It's a laborious process, but makes my products continue to improve with age and they are environmentally friendly. 

    You are more than welcome to watch video that shows every step of manufacturing in our Leather Art Studio on our YouTube channel: 


    My customers are: 
    When I started my life journey as the leather-worker and artisan few years ago, I began to realize not everyone wanted to brand their lives with meaningless logos and over priced brands anymore – instead, consumers were seeking out well-crafted products with a human story. The more I learnt about leather craft more obvious this became to me. 

    Most of modern world customers have lost a touch with how their products are made – so much of what we own is manufactured thousands of miles away in inhumane conditions. Cheaply-made products are coated with a thick layer of corporate branding with false value, and as a result customers have lost touch with the qualities that make a purchase worth the money – intelligent design, skilled craftsmanship and ethical manufacture. 

    Why to choose Kazakhsha Leather Art Studio

    Each person has varied reasons for choosing handmade leather goods, I will mention several for very obvious reasons: 

    1. We hand pick all our materials of best quality: - we only use high quality full grain vegetable tanned leather, every hide is hand picked and selected just for you. All handmade leather goods are of various kinds and styles are made from many different types of leather, however we use only locally sourced vegetable tanned leather hides of finest quality. 

    2. Best Finish, strong and durable design: - handmade leather goods are crafted from the best quality full grain veg tanned leather, you will receive great finish with stitches which you can rarely expect from mass produced leather items. Handmade leather goods from our studio will be durable and stronger than machine made leather goods. We spend a lot of time focusing on every detail, maintaining quality and best finished look. 

    3. Customization and personalization for any occasion: - the biggest benefit of bespoke handmade leather goods is the customization which is not available in factories. We can incorporate all the details you would like to see in your product and make it absolutely tailored to your specifications. You can also order personalization from us engraving your initials or image design. 

    4. Saving Money and fair prices: - buying high quality leather bag from us will help you to save in the long run because it will last a lifetime. Once you buy it, you can use it as long as you want. All our products are durable and if you take care of them they will serve you a life time. Also, we know the market well and price our hand labour fairly. There are lots of manufactures and craftsmen, who offer similar quality products at higher price. In order to be competitive we keep our prices affordable and fair. taking into consideration the quality of leather and hand labour. 

    5. Impressive, Timeless and Natural look: - high quality leather handmade goods are classics and you can never go wrong with them. They are made from naturally sourced materials and stylish. Many factories produce in large quantities with all same look without that special touch of uniqueness. You are welcome to browse our shop and find for yourself that some of our products could become a statement pieces, they are one of a kind design and due to nature of business exact replicas are not possible. 

    6. Environmentally friendly: - handmade leather goods are safe and green. It is not only for wallets but all the items which are made by hand could save more energy and give no harm to the environment. That’s the reason why these products are called environmentally-friendly ones. Mass production which then achieves more products in the same period of time requires less labour but consumes more energy. More than that, for buyers to take notice, handmade leather goods comes with more delicate stitches and details. 

    Apart from the obvious fact that a handmade leather goods are hand crafted, the very first difference that distinguish a handmade leather from mass produced it doesn't contain any dangerous substances detrimental to the environment or even users’ health, it is generally more environmentally-friendly and biodegradable. Those who are aware of harmful human’s impacts on earth always consider this reason as the first and foremost option.

    7. Supporting craftsmanship and preserving traditional skills: - Leather crafting is one of the oldest trades around the world, sadly this trade is a dying one. 
    we are one of those who keep this craft alive and revived, and really proud of our achievements, but this can only be carried with selling our leather works. So buying from us you came your contribution to preserve traditional skills. We are really grateful to every customer who buys from us. All money are spent on bringing food to our table and carrying on with our craftsmanship journey. 

    Ordering process

    How things usually happen: 

    1. If you decided to shop with us and require a customized order option, please send us a message. We can discuss your order in detail and produce the quote, which will be free of charge. 
    2. If you require a simple hand drawn sketch it can be produced free of charge. The only exception if the engineering of your design will take considerate amount of time we will require a non refundable deposit, usually it is 10-25% of our quote. You have to understand this deposit required as the guarantee of your serious intentions and you don't waste our time. 
    3. When design is approved and you are happy with the quote we will provide you with the proposed deadline for manufacturing and delivery. Also we have to mention we sometimes have a waiting list and if you have a specific date for delivery you have to tell us in advance to avoid disappointment. 
    4. When we agree on design, cost and time, we will issue a listing for you to pay. We don't start work without full payment. 
    5. Upon completion of your order you will received photographs of your order from all different angles. We take product photography seriously and try to take best pictures possible. At same time you will receive a notification of shipment with tracking number. We don't ship without tracking numbers. 
    6. Delivery time: we use Royal Mail on all items that are less 2 kg, all above of this weight are shipped via different courier service, please contact for the special quote in advance. USA, Canada - takes about 5-8 days, Christmas and Thanksgiving days could take longer, up to 14-24 days. European countries - 2-7 days, England, Wales and Scotland 1-3 days. All delivery days are approximate. 

    If you order something customized these orders are not refundable and not returnable. 
    If anything is not specified or covered in my Information listing, or any part of this listing is not clear, please feel free to ask your personal question. We will be glad to assist.