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    All Kazakhsha Leather Art Studio goods are handcrafted by myself, Aiman Sagatova (aka Vasya Kazakhsha-Style) in my home based little studio in Hampshire, England. I am a one man enterprise hand-crafting bespoke and made-to-order leather accessories. I use only the finest materials and traditional tools and techniques to produce bespoke and made to order bags, small goods and belts.

    I am responsible for every aspect of my brand, from designing products and sourcing the finest leathers to meticulously hand tooling and hand-stitching every seam. It is considerable undertaking for one person, but hand stitching is justified and it became a hallmark of quality for our Leather Art Studio. The hand stitching creates durable products and it is superior to the machine-stitched equivalents. The saddle stitched leather is much stronger, firstly because sewing machines don't stitch with waxed thread and the stitch form is weaker at the top and the bottom stitches rely on each other, so if one stitch breaks the rest of the run falls apart quickly, you probably observed this on some of your machine stitched products. The saddle stitch primarily was used in making saddles, which requires superior strength and won't do that. 
    The determination to execute the highest quality finish runs as a theme throughout all aspects of my craftsmanship, from hours I spend designing each element to be as functional as possible to making everything by hand, which sometimes requires acquiring of antique and modern leather-worker's and cobbler's tools. 

    All my products are entirely made from one material, everything is sourced from European and England tanneries that use environmentally-friendly processes and locally-sourced hides. I don't use chromium tanned leather, which partly an ethical decision as the process generates harmful waste, but also because the hide loses its natural texture and doesn't tend to age well. The product made of vegetable tanned leather, if you look after it, should last you a lifetime. 

    This commitment to crafting an enduring product was partly born out of a sense of craftsman's pride, but also a big dispute surrounding the consumption of leather goods. We all should do what we can in order to save the Planet Earth and my solution is to keep the manufacturing process as local as possible and create products that last a life time – we only have one planet. This involves taking the time to revive the high-quality touches that other mass-manufacturers have abandoned in favour of speed, such as burnishing and sealing off edges with dye and beeswax. It's a laborious process, but makes my products continue to improve with age and they are environmentally friendly. 

    You are more than welcome to watch video that shows every step of manufacturing in our Leather Art Studio on our YouTube channel.