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Why I don't do Black Friday

Another year and another Black Friday is here. And it feels sometimes bigger than ever, some of my customers even expected that I run discounts for Black Friday. Unfortunately, this is not a case. I thought to explain why. 

First of all most of my items are custom made, personalised with an option to choose your size or colour. Every product I do is with the customer in mind, my materials are hand-picked and often the best and rarest. Everything I do will last for years to come and not designed as a disposable fashion. 

Second, everything that I do, takes time, skills and patience. I am a one-man business and my task is not to compete with high street giants. I stand by everything I do and sell and have to price my items accordingly in order to keep my small business going and traditional craft alive. 

I occasionally offer discounts on ready-made items in order to keep stock moving for some sample items.