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    Why I don't do Black Friday

    Why I don't do Black Friday | Kazakhsha Leather Art Studio

    Another year and another Black Friday is here. And it feels sometimes bigger than ever, some of my customers even expected that I run discounts for Black Friday. Unfortunately, this is not a case. I thought to explain why. 

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    The Kazakh game of Kyz Kuu (when traditions inspire)

    The Kazakh game of Kyz Kuu (when traditions inspire) | Kazakhsha Leather Art Studio

    kyz kuu horse racing game

    In Central Asia, there is an interesting equestrian game called "Kyz Kuu". It combines elements of romance and Kazakh tradition.

    "Kyz Kuu" literally means - catch the girl. This traditional nomadic horse race had a slightly different purpose from other games such as Kokpar. In my childhood, I found this part of the racing day the most fascinating and interesting. 

    Essentially this game was a kiss chase on the horseback. A woman sets off on a horse at a gallop. After a small delay, a man, also on horseback gallops after her. The aim of the game is to catch the girl and kiss her while both are still at full gallop. If the man does not manage to catch and kiss the girl is then whipped by her all the way back to the starting line. This certainly beats any western romantic tradition I can think of. 

    If the boy still caught up with a girl, the reward for the victory sometimes was not only a kiss but matchmaking and marriage in the future. Some men had to prove themselves during the horse racing that they are marriage materials. These kinds of competitions were organized in the steppe on various festive occasions.

    The pictured leather tote bag was made by me in my home art studio and depicts that tradition. The image is based on art work of Eraly Ospanov, Kazakhstan artist.

    kazakhsha leather bag

    handmade leather tote baghandmade leather tote bag



    Botswana Pink Agate - Handmade leather bracelet with natural stone

    Botswana Pink Agate - Handmade leather bracelet with natural stone | Kazakhsha Leather Art Studio

    I would like to show my latest commission work. It is the leather bracelet with a hand-tooled design and beautiful Botswana pink agate as the centerpiece. 

    I love working with natural stones, they are never repeating themselves, their cut and patterns are always unique, which make them perfect to work with and create one of a kind leather items.

    Botswana pink agateAgates are grounding stones, bringing about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance. They aid in centering and stabilizing physical energy. Agates are so universal and come in varieties. Pink agate improves the balance of heart chakra ANAHATA, just like green agate. If you have a broken heart, this could be a perfect stone for you. 





     botswana pink agate 

    Pink Agate is quite famous for its natural and magical qualities. 

    Pink Banded Agate balances yin and yang energies, helping to bring a calmness of mind. Pink Banded Agate assists in relieving distress when reacting to situations beyond one's control.
    Pink Agate can help discover solutions instead of dwelling on problems and helps to explore creativity. It is an excellent stone to aid those wishing to stop smoking as it is excellent for overcoming addictions and self-destructive behavior. It is also great for lifting depression and alleviating stress.

     Botswana pink agate

    Botswana pink agate

    Farnham Artisan Market in the Vineyard Centre

    Farnham Artisan Market in the Vineyard Centre | Kazakhsha Leather Art Studio

    I would like to invite you to Farnham Artisan Market in the Vineyard Centre on Union Road in Farnham, Surrey GU9 7PT.
    Local artisans and crafters are holding it as a fundraising venture for Farnham ASSIST charity (A Christian organization supporting older people).

    I will be taking part in that event as the local leatherworker, crafter and artisan. I think attending this market is a good idea to get into the festive spirit at the start of the Christmas season, you will also have a chance to buy Christmas presents for relatives and friends.
    Please visit my website, some of items from my online shop will be available during the craft fair at discounted prices. 

    Farnham Artisan MarketBritish leatherworkers and craft fairs

    Leather bracelet "Faith, Love, Hope" - №1 leather bracelet from series of 50 leather bracelets challenge

    Leather bracelet "Faith, Love, Hope" - №1 leather bracelet from series of 50 leather bracelets challenge | Kazakhsha Leather Art Studio

    Hello from Kazakhsha Leather Art Studio.

    Here is the continuation of 50 shades of leather bracelets project.

    As we promised earlier, we are glad to show our first bracelet from the series of 50 bracelets challenge - "50 shades of leather bracelets". 

    The theme of this leather bracelet was inspired by deep thoughts and emotions while watching news about destruction and devastation people still experiencing after hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit east coast of America. I personally have a friend in Houston, who is now homeless and pray for her and her family to overcome this difficult time.

    In times of devastation and difficulty, when all possessions and homes flashed away, we forget about great gifts of God, that are constantly with us until end of these days, and these gifts are most important when everything is no longer present or relevant, because only them can help us to stay strong and carry on.

    I am not afraid if someone say that this theme seems too cheesy for making a leather bracelet, but leather for me is my personal way to express my thoughts, feelings and sometimes my personal statements. I simply believe only FAITH, LOVE and HOPE are things what can help to overcome any problems we face in our life. 

    Stay positive, safe and be blessed.  

    Details are in our blog: https://kazakhshaleatherartstudio.co.uk/…/50-shades-of-brac…