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    Handmade leather bracelets by Kazakhsha Leather Art Studio

    Handmade leather bracelets by Kazakhsha Leather Art Studio | Kazakhsha Leather Art Studio

    I think every person knows the feeling of excitement when we spend big money on pair of nice cool boots or a new trendy backpack. But small things sometimes make all the difference. 

    In shop you can buy unique small pieces such as bracelets. You can make a statement wearing one of my items, be unique and spice your day to day wardrobe effortlessly. 

    All my bracelets are 100% Handmade, every image and piece is not replicated due to nature of business. Even if you ask me to repeat some of my previous works they won't be exact copy as every line and curve are handmade and carved. 

    All my bracelets are made of top quality vegetable tanned leather. I prefer English and Italian leathers as they are world top qualities for art crafting. 

    I select carefully all hardware I use for my items, they are unique and very often handmade too. 

    If you cannot find your style or pattern you want you can always send me a message and I will try to help you with your very unique customized order.