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    Searhorse Celtic shoulder bag

    Searhorse Celtic shoulder bag | Kazakhsha Leather Art Studio

    Today I have completed a new bag, it is very cute Celtic design of Seahorse in navy blue color with hand painted Seahorse as the center piece of the bag. And I have a funny story behind making of this bag, which I would like to share. 

    Initially, when I started making this bag, I looked at the design and thought, "oh, cute Celtic deer". I love making things with meaning and positive thoughts, so I knew "Celtic deer" cannot be bad, in fact it must be good and probably has a positive meaning (of course from Celtics point of view).


    I transferred the image to the leather hide, spent long 4 hours tooling the design. When I was done with tooling I decided to take a photo of tooled design right before a  dye job. I set the camera and looked at the tooled image through my camera and immediately realized, "IT IS NOT A DEER, IT IS THE SEAHORSE".

    The whole concept of initial design was immediately compromised. I planned to make this bag in earthy colours but now I wanted to make it differently. In mean time I desided to Google for symbolic meaning of the Seahorse and was surprisingly pleasant. 

    If you would like to purchase this bag, it is available in my shop for £165. 


    Seahorse Meaning and Symbolism


    The symbolic meaning of seahorse is quite intricate and diverse as this little creature itself is full of surprises.

    The seahorse is quite a unique creature, and thought to have mystical significance among the Ancient Greeks, European (alchemists) and Asians.

    The Ancient Greeks and Romans believed the seahorse was an attribute of the sea god Neptune/Poseidon and as such, the seahorse was considered a symbol of strength and power.

    Further, the ancient Eurpeans believed that the seahorse carried the souls of deceased sailors to the underworld - giving them safe passage and protection until they met their soul's destination.

    Chinese cultures believed that the seahorse was a type of sea dragon, and as such they were revered for their power and thought to be symbols of good luck.

    Sailors have long viewed the seahorse as a good luck charm too.

    Symbolic meaning of Seahorses carry the following significances...

    Symbolic Seahorse Meaning

    • Patience
    • Protection
    • Perspective
    • Inflexibility
    • Persistence
    • Friendliness
    • Contentment
    • High-Perception
    • Generosity/Sharing


    A relatively calm, and mild-mannered creature, the seahorse is seemingly content to roam the seas. Their bodies are geared for ambling-type motion - not for speed. Thus, they are symbolic of patience and contentment - they are happy with being where they are, and are in no hurry for advancement.

    Further testimony to these attributes is the lack of evolution of the seahorse's body style. They have remained with this body style without change since their inception.Content to be who they are, and not feeling the need to change - these are a few profound lessons the seahorse provides us.

    However, along with a resistence to change, and a carefree approach to progress, the seahorse can be a symbol of inflexibilty or stubborness. To wit, the seahorse wraps its tail around the nearest object in order to anchor itself in turbulent waters. This is a lesson to be persistent in our goals, but be mindful that we are not too inflexible or stubborn in our achieving them.


    A unique aspect of the seahorse is that the male is impregnated by the female and carries the offspring to term. This is a message of sharing the load in the home, and gaining perspective of both sides (genders) of an argument or situation.

    The seahorse has a boney exoskeleton which is a message of protection. Often when the seahorse comes to us it is a sign that we either need protection from our external circumstances, or we are building walls that aren't needed. Their armor-bodies are a sign that sometimes we might need to let our guard down - or perhaps we are leaving ourselves too open to get hurt.

    Lastly among the long list of symbolic meaning of the seahorse and its lessons is the idea of perception. The eyesight of the seahorse is incredibly sharp, and each eye moves independently. We take this as a symbolic message of perception andawareness of those around us and our situations. When we are lost or confused, the seahorse asks us to take a good look around - not just with our physical eyes but with our spiritual eyes in order to get a better persepective of the situations.

    Thus concludes this summary on the symbolic meaning of the seahorse. Check out the this bag in my online shop or buy it now