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Leather bracelet "Faith, Love, Hope" - №1 leather bracelet from series of 50 leather bracelets challenge

Hello from Kazakhsha Leather Art Studio.

Here is the continuation of 50 shades of leather bracelets project.

As we promised earlier, we are glad to show our first bracelet from the series of 50 bracelets challenge - "50 shades of leather bracelets". 

The theme of this leather bracelet was inspired by deep thoughts and emotions while watching news about destruction and devastation people still experiencing after hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit east coast of America. I personally have a friend in Houston, who is now homeless and pray for her and her family to overcome this difficult time.

In times of devastation and difficulty, when all possessions and homes flashed away, we forget about great gifts of God, that are constantly with us until end of these days, and these gifts are most important when everything is no longer present or relevant, because only them can help us to stay strong and carry on.

I am not afraid if someone say that this theme seems too cheesy for making a leather bracelet, but leather for me is my personal way to express my thoughts, feelings and sometimes my personal statements. I simply believe only FAITH, LOVE and HOPE are things what can help to overcome any problems we face in our life. 

Stay positive, safe and be blessed.  

Details are in our blog: https://kazakhshaleatherartstudio.co.uk/…/50-shades-of-brac…