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50 shades of leather bracelets or new challenge

Dear readers, customers and visitors!

We would like to announce a new challenge - 50 shades of leather bracelets

The challenge consist of making 50 different leather bracelets inspired by different themes. 

Themes will come from different places, events or people (I encourage my subscribers to participate in discussions that will take on our Facebook Page and share your crazy or non-crazy ideas, the most interesting will be taken into production).

We won't be placing these bracelets into sale until full collection 50 shades of leather bracelets is complete.

If you want to follow this challenge/project please subscribe to our Facebook page, newsletter and watch closely our hashtags: #50_shades_of_leather_bracelets #50braceletschallenge 

Every bracelets will be marked with its own number and name of the project: #number_name and displayed in our blog. 

Let us know what you think about this challenge. We promise to keep you updated. 

In mean time you can watch the slide show of our existing collection of leather bracelets.